Steel structures

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Improve your production!

Answers to your building needs

Steel can be the right answer for who wants to build a shed: check the merits of steel constructions, and then we will be glad to answer your questions about the budget, timetables, architectural solutions and so on.

Customized Machines

By using special machines tailored for your needs, you can take advantage on your competitors. Exploit the combination of mechanics with automatic control modern systems and your company will gain great benefits: efficiency, quality, reliability and so on.

MECH designs innovative plants for large production

MECH is a pioneer in many fields as we always seek machines for new uses.

Some of our systems are real prototypes tailored for our customers.

Technology and Experience

MECH combines an engineering company with building craftsmen. The result is innovative technology and practical experience.

MECH meets your needs and budget

We design as well semi-automatic systems which are the right balance between automation and budget. Our engineers know well how hard it is to build a cheap but solid machine, but these are the challenges they like the most.

Customers first

We are sure our customers are satisfied with us (it's a need if we want them to come back) but you can ask them right away: ask us for a list of references.